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Commercial Elastomeric Roof Coatings

North Texas Commercial Roofers install flexible Elastomeric Roof Coatings that dry to a bright, clean, durable surface that increases your commercial and industrial roofing systems life by up to 35 years or more with simply two applications. In the hot summesr, they expand as needed. During cold winter months, they return to typical size. No bubbles, cracks, or leaks.

There’s a significant need for extremely reflective flexible roofing services as a result of their cooling capabilities and remarkable endurance. The advantages are countless, and all business owners should take into consideration elastomeric roof coatings before undergoing costly roofing replacement.

The Advantages of Conklin Elastomeric Roof Coatings

HEAT REFLECTIONElastomeric roof coatings are developed entirely white to reflect UV light and heat the sun’s rays.

COST SAVINGSAlong with lowering the electrical bill, these elastomeric coatings lessen A/C equipment’s wear-and-tear.

GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE – The federal government has developed tax incentives for the elastomeric roof coating participants install as a result of their energy-saving advantages.

LEAK-PROOF GUARANTEE – Conklin’s complete protection resolutions seal each and every crack and seam for a leak-free roofing system you can rely on for many years ahead.

Elastomeric roof coating systems which our company utilize offer remarkable value as well as a long listing of advantages that stand apart from the rest.

Since the late 70s, scientific research and engineering developed a new option for the industrial andcommercial roofing sector. This new option consisted of a roof system coating that was flexible in nature. Elastomeric roof coatings were created, and they transformed roofing history for life.

Among the issues that the roof industry encountered was ever-changing temperatures. The heat caused roof products to expand. This development would create gaps in the roofing system. When the temperature levels lowered, the reverse would take place. The roofing product would contract. This ccontinuous expanding as well as contracting created extreme early wear on typical roofing systems.

The actual nature of elastomeric roof coatings looked for to transform all of this. With an elastic-like materials, there would certainly be no issues. The Conklin elastomeric roof coatings crews install, contract, and expand as needed. There are no cracks, bubbles, or gaps in commercial or industrial roof systems that make use of an elastomeric roof coating. Cold and heat are no longer an issue.

Elastomeric roof coatings likewise brought several other substantial contributions to the industrial and commercial roofing sector. One of most promient was energy coat savings. The white coatings producted a “cool roofing” system and also helped reduced roofing temperature levels by 30 degrees. This had a considerable effect on energy cost savings. Businesses using the Conklin elastomeric roof coating system saw significant drops in their power bills. These energy financial savings helped the roofing system pay for itself really quickly.

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Extending the Life of Your Roof

In the past, a commercial or industrial roofing system would certainly need to be replaced every 15 to 20 years. This was a costly proceddure that entailed hrs of labor as well as unnecessary expenses. The complete roofing system would be torn off and carried away to some land fill. Seamless, elastomeric roof coatings can totally get rid of the demand to replace the roof. One elastomeric roof coating can prolong a roofs’s life for many years, and a re-coat can promptly create the experience even better. Roofing replacement is no longer the ideal option in most situations.

Conklin’s our recommended option in elastomeric roof coatings. Their roofing products have actulally been put to the test for 40 plus years, and they back up their products with reputable, non-prorated warranties. Do not toss your hard earned money away with standard roof replacements. Make the wise choice with a Conklin elastomeric roof coating. Give us a quick call today, and we will connect you with one of our professionals who will show you the Conklin difference.