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North Texas Commercial Roofers focuses on in an extensive series of commercial roofing services in Denton, Frisco, and The Dallas Fort Worth Region. We have an impressive track record of roofing services since 1996!

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Metal Roof Coatings

We concentrate in metal roof coatings at North Texas Commercial Roofers. With the frequency of metal roofing systems in the industrial roofing sector, we have seen our reasonable percentage of them. These roof systems have presented a variety of issues, from typical to unusual. Our crew of experienced and expert roofers have seen it all. We incorporated this expertise since 1996, with innovative resolutions to customers particular issues. We will certainly work with you as well as review your precise metal roof troubles and develop the very best and effective solution.

In most situations, metal roof coatings are resilient, cost-effective, and best Return on Investment choice. Our metal roof coating systems immediately deal with the fundamental difficulties of commercial metal roofing systems. We can provide this excellent service and end-product, mainly as a result of our use of Conklin’s roofing materials. Our owner is a recognized Conklin® Local Contractor and is on-site for each and every single job.

North Texas Commercial Roofers

When you pick North Texas Commercial Roofers, you’re selecting a reputable, honest roofing company who has the ability and expertise to repair any roofing requirement you have. We give you a free roof evaluations call today 469-340-0838.

You might have discovered that we additionally offer flat roof coatings. These coating systems come with many excellent advantages, consisting of:

  • Prevent replacement and roof tear-offs
  • Long-lasting safeguard from sun energy, fire, high winds and hailstorms
  • Maintenance-free life expectancy
  • Potential tax advantages from ENERGY STAR
  • A reflective topcoat which decreases energy costs
  • A pain-free treatment which can be done throughout the business hours
  • The seamless application that does not bubble crack or tears
  • Upheld by non-prorated service guarantees on 100% of the labor as well as material expense

Every one of those same benefits applies to our metal roof coatings too. The distinction between metal roof coatings can be found in two primary methods:

1. Due to the fact metal conducts a lot more heat than many various other roofing materials, the white top coat can have a lot more considerable impact on metal roofing systems than flat roofing. Yearly A/C cost savings for clients that have a coating installed on their metal roofing commonly reach as high as 50%. Flat roofing system customers usually see significant power cost savings, as well.

2. We apply an additional layer to our metal roof coatings. There is an anti-rust primer under the white topcoat that completely adheres to the sheet. Our metal roofing coatings meet both current and future demands.

Because of these two crucial advanced features, coatings are still more necessary and beneficial to metal roofing systems than they are to flat roofs. Metal roofing systems, more so than various other roof materials, rust quickly as well as heat up to scorching temperatures. A metal roof coating by North Texas Commercial Roofers directly repairs these two issues.

Are Roof Coatings for New Roofing or Old Roofing?

Both of them! Although we are incredibly pleased to report that our metal roof coatings offer long-term solutions and not just short-term fixes for old, rotting roofs, we also strongly suggest that they are used on new roofs. Provided adequate time, every metal roofing system will eventually rust and spring leakages. Taking preemptive steps and also stopping those issues before they take place can save you a good deal of money as well as headaches in the future.

No Matter if you are wanting to restore an old metal roofing system or add a high ROI protective layer immediately, then our metal roof coatings are ideal for your business.

North Texas Local Conklin® Roofing Professionals

North Texas Commercial Roofers is proud to be a Conklin® Contractor.

Conklin® has been an admired name in the commercial roofing trade for well over 35 years. Over 2 billion square feet of their roofing materials have been placed on roofing systems all across the United States. Their devotion to superiority shows in their non-prorated, transferable, and extendable warranties on all their roofing products.

If you would like to speak to one of our polite and trained roofing crew about our metal roof coatings, Contact us today at 469-340-0838!